Why are these secret? They're SO HELPFUL!

This 1-hour Course includes:

  • Welcome/Introductions

  • Video lessons on The 3 Secrets to a Happy and Healthy Postpartum

  • Links to Discounts, and Resources

This is for you, mama! If...

  • You are planning to breastfeed

  • You care about what you eat and how you feel

  • You want your postpartum experience to be nurtured and lovely

Your Investment


Make your postpartum plan with a pro!

  • Private Call with Molly ($60 value)

    After taking this short course, you'll be off to a great start preparing for life with baby. This bonus conversation will help you make a plan that covers all your bases, ensuring that you have the support you need to be a nourished, happy Nurtured Mama in the 4th Trimester.


  • Molly R

    Owner/Founder, Nurtured Mamas LLC

    Molly R

    I am on a mission to change the world into one where every baby is born to calm, confident, connected parents. So many societal ills stem from unmet needs during our first years. If parents are well supported, babies are too, and our society will become more empathetic, loving, and connected. I believe that every family has a unique journey, and finding what works for them is key to the growth and happiness of all members. I hold a BA in Latin American Studies (2001); an MAA in Applied Anthropology (2005); and have been certified as a Postpartum Doula through DONA International (2009). I live in the mountains of North Carolina with my husband and 2 children.